Release of Signing of Collaboration Between Bunda Mulia University and PT. Sinar Cipta Lumindo (Lumine Studio)

Diposting Oleh | Oktober 19, 2023 | Berita & Kegiatan

The Alumni & Career Center Department of Bunda Mulia University is expanding its horizons through a collaboration signed with PT. Sinar Cipta Lumindo (Lumine Studio) on Thursday, September 21, 2023. This activity took place at Lumine Animation Studio in North Jakarta. The signing event was represented by Ms. Regina Dewi Hanifah, the Manager of the Alumni & Career Center and Ms. Yana Erlyana, the Secretary of the Visual Communication Design Study Program at Bunda Mulia University, Mr. Andy Wijaya, as Owner and Chief Executive Officer, and Mr. Fabian Liong, as Chief Marketing Officer of PT. Sinar Cipta Lumindo. This collaboration is expected to serve as a bridge between the world of education and the industry, providing valuable skills to Bunda Mulia University students in the fields of Technology and Design.

Lumine Studio is a renowned Animation Production Studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia, boasting over a decade of experience in the industry. The studio is managed and founded by a team of creative talents and is lauded for producing exceptional work. The collaboration between Lumine Studio and Bunda Mulia University is a pivotal partnership that aims to enhance the competence of human resources in their respective fields. It also offers significant opportunities for students and alumni of Bunda Mulia University to develop their skills in Technology and Design. At the heart of this collaboration is our tagline, “Bridging Education to the Real World,” which provides UBM students with a hands-on and industry-relevant learning experience. This partnership is a testament to Bunda Mulia University’s unwavering commitment to supporting and facilitating the success of our students and alumni.

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